Thursday, July 29, 2021

7/28/2021 Track List

 SIANspheric - Audiophone/ A Sound of the Colour of the Sun (Sonic Unyon, 2001)

Bell Orchestre - House/ House Music (Erased Tapes, 2021)

Rick White - My Self/ Where It's Fine (Blue Fog, 2021)

Natural Snow Buidings - Gone/ The Snowbringer Cult (Ba Da Bing, 2008)

Kebnekajse - Skanklat fran Rattvik/ Kebnekajse II (Silence, 1973/2001)

Willie Dunn - The Dreamer/ Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology (Light in the Attic, 2021)

Lankum - Bear Creek/ the Livelong Day (Rough Trade, 2019)

Circuit des Yeux - A Story of this World pt. II/ Reaching for Indigo (Drag City, 2017)

Respectfulchild - Drops/ Searching (COAX, 2017)

The Residents - Seasoned Greetings/ Meet the Residents (Ralph, 1974)

Sean McCann - T.J. Barrett pt. 1/ Mammoth Mountain (Recital Program, 2009)