Monday, October 5, 2020

9/30/2020 track list

 Shopkeeper - Belly Fire/ Terror Blessed (Label Fantastic, 2014)

AMC Gremlin - Rooftop Cigarettes/ Heavy Dust (self released, 2020)

Eiyn Sof - Eat the Sky/ Abracadabra (self released, 2020)

Ian William Craig - Condx QRN/ Red Sun Through Smoke (130701, 2020)

Elevator - The Endless Winter/ Darkness/Light (Blue Fog, 2002/2020)

Cindy Lee - Coroner of the State/ Malenkost (Isolated Now Waves/W. 25th, 2013/2019)

Ora Cogan - Kills/ Bells in the Ruins (Prism Tongue, 2020)

U.S. Girls - Red Ford Radio/ Heavy Light (4AD, 2020)

Wint - 21st Century Affection/ Desk Jets (self released, 2018)

Wint - Dancing in the Kitchen/ Desk Jets (self released, 2018)

Bob Bell - Necropolis pt. 1/ Necropolis (Telephone Explosion, 1978/2020)

Shearing Pinx - Xenophobe Frostflood/ Weaponry (Isolated Now Waves, 2009)

Chik White and Colin Fisher - U Peacocks Can Sweat/ Our Water is Fire (self released, 2020)

Fiver - Hair of the Dead/ Audible Songs from Rockwood (Idee Fixe, 2017)

Badge Epoque Ensemble - Zealous Child/ Nature, Man and Woman (Telephone Explosion, 2020)