Thursday, August 20, 2020

8/19/2020 track list

 Elevator - Thick Wall/ August (Blue Fog, 2004/2020)

Ora Cogan - Skull/ Bells in the Ruins (Prism Tongue, 2020)

Skinshape - Dourle (feat. Modou Toure)/ Umoja (Lewis, 2020)

Deerhoof - Reduced Guilt/ Future Teenage Cave Artists (Joyful Noise, 2020)

NUN UN - Amygdala/ Bear Claw: the Discography (Isolated Now Waves, 2019)

Guided by Voices - Motor Away/ Alien Lanes (Matador, 1995/2020)

Hangman's Beautiful Daughters - Darkside/ Smashed Full of Wonder (Optic Nerve, 1987/2020)

75 Dollar Bill - WZN#4/ Live at Cafe OTO (self released, 2020)

Endless Boogie - Outside of my Mind/ Vol. I, II (No Quarter, 2019)

Gradge Flow - August 1 (self released, 2020)

Friday, August 14, 2020

8/12/2020 track list

 Wall Matthews - In the Hills of Shiloh/ When the Heather Calls: The Guitar Music of Wall Matthews, vol. 4, 1998 (Tompkins Square, 2020)

Kaki King - Teek/ Modern Yesterdays (live youtube video, 2020)

Yasmin Williams - One Last Time/ Unwind (self released, 2018)

Blind Brand X - God Delivered the Dereviled Dog/ home recording (live home video, recording date unknown)

Marisa Anderson - The White Lady Loves You More/ Elliott Smith - Elliott Smith 25th anniversary (Kill Rock Stars, 1995/2020)

Eiyn Sof - Cowboy/ Abracadabra (self released, 2020)

Mossy Kilcher - What is that Light?/ Northwind Calling (Tompkins Square, 1977/2020)

Amy Brandon - Prometheus/single (self released, 2019)

Richard and Linda Thompson - Dark End of the Street/ Pour Down Like Silver (Island, 1975)

Gord Grdina's the Marrow - Safar-e-Daroon (songlines, 2020)

End music recorded in Guelph, summer 2020